Pre and Post Sunless Tanning Instructions

Pre-Tan Prep

  • Exfoliate your skin the night before tanning to remove dead skin that would otherwise flake off. But, don’t overdo it! Your skin needs TLC.
  • Wax a minimum of 24 hours prior to tanning
  • Shave 8 hours before (or after) your post tanning shower. Use a sharp, clean razor, with a lubricating product.

Spray Day

  • Avoid wearing make-up and moisturizer - it acts as a barrier to the spray and keeps color from processing properly.
  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and undergarments (spray solution will wash out of most fabrics, but may stain nylon, lycra and silk)
  • If ‘sleeping in’ your tan, avoid pajamas that bind or have elastic which can rub away color.


…with a healthy skin regimen…

  • Wait at least 8 to 12 hours before showering!!
  • Apply moisturizer morning and evening after your post-tan shower. Avoid moisturizers with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) which promotes exfoliation.
  • Avoid long, hot showers and baths, and scrubbing the skin. Choose a wash cloth that is as soft as possible and pat your skin dry. Excessive friction on the skin may fade your tan prematurely.
  • Shave with a new sharp razor and lubricating product to avoid exfoliation in those areas.

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