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Vc skin-specific facials. What does your skin need?

all facials include cleansing, ph balancing, extractions, treatment serums and masques on both the face and décolleté areas while specialized facial massage techniques stimulate pressure points on face, scalp and neck to relieve sinus pressure and headaches for an increased sense of well-being and enjoyment.


  • Vc signature luxury facial

    The ultimate pampering facial revives, rejuvenates, and brings out your most beautiful skin!  we begin with a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage; a light peel, extractions, collagen eye treatment and hydrating masque bring your skin back to a luminous glow.


    raw earth facial

    organic ingredients are customized to clanse and exfoliate.  extractions and light massage bring your skin back to a natural state of balamce.  It's the perfect everyday facial for normal skin types.


  • the quick fix

    our 30 minute classic facial uses an automatic brush for gentle exfoliation of troubled areas to allow deep cleansing allowing products to penetrate deeper into the pores for radiant skin.


  • add-on peels

    increase the effectiveness of our signature or clarisonic facial with these customized peels...

    • lactic w/niacin- (AHA) for sensitive/dry skin; great for rosacea, treats with little to no down time Glycolic – (AHA) for all skin types; derived from natural sugar cane
    • salicylic – (BHA) for acneic skin; to clear and heal AHA (ALPHAHYDROXY ACIDS) are water soluble and act on the upper layers of skin to remove old, dead cells and speed up production of fresh new cells; best for sun-damaged, older and thicker skin
    • BHA (BETAHYDROXY ACIDS) are able to penetrate into oil-filled pores and break down dead skin cells inside the pores; best for treating acne on younger, oily skin


  • sweet cheeks facial (teens)

    our classic 45 min. teen facial puts skin in balance while addressing conditions like hormonal breakouts, acne, dehydration and overexposure to the sun; highly recommended for congested or oily skin.


  • vitamin C firming facial (anti-aging)

    energize your skin with age-defying benefits! vitamin C brightens and firms aging, dull skin for enhanced firmness and overall brightening.


  • calming facial (rosacea)

    sensitive skin receives tender care to reduce redness and calm inflammation.  gentle cleansers, light extractions, massage and a calming masque soothe and hydrate.  great for delicate skin types.


  • clear complexion facial (acneic)

    Purify and detoxify congested skin to calm inflammation, diminish scars, reduce oil, clarify skin tone and jump-start healing.


  • gentlman's facial (men's)

    great for men on the go, stone crop, a succulent plant with intensive protective hydrators, is packed with potent phyto-nutrients to heal dry, chapped skin and lighten the complexion for a long-lasting look of health and vitality. anti-inflammatory ingredients soothe razor irritation, brighten, and rehydrate over-exposed, sun-parched skin.


resurfacing treatments

cosmeceutical (a marriage of cosmetic and pharmaceutical grade components, with biologically active ingrediets tha have an actual effect on skin cell tissue, dissolving dead cells and allowing new cells to surface)

  • microdermabrasion

    (45 min.) a great alternative to laser or chemical skin-resurfacing, this gentle, mechanical skin resurfacing treatment uses fine crystals that gently remove the uppermost layer of dead skin cells for a less invasive approach, while maintaining the integrity of the skin. Results in less stripping and hyper-pigmentation; best when followed up with rehydrating facials. we recommended a series of at least three (3) treatments in conjunction with anti-aging skin care products.


  • pigment balancing peel

    lighten dark spots and refine uneven skin tones with this customizable treatment combined with high-performance brightening agents with a peeling acid solution to accelerate cell renewal; targets hyper-pigmentation to dramatically improve the uneven appearance of photo-damaged, mottled skin; great for aging or sun-damaged skin.


  • micropeel

    oWant to look 10 years younger? a “must-have” before any special event or night out! this 3 step process is the most effective treatment for the skin, creating amazing results as it reduces fine lines, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and visible imperfections while plumping the skin with...

    • Dermaplane (to exfoliate)
    • Peel (to treat)
    • Masque (to hydrate)


natural alternatives

non-invasive alternatives to chemical or mechanical services; using natural fruit and plant extracts and vitamins while limiting synthetic ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or contraindications.

  • dermaplane

    the deepest exfoliation available without chemicals; reveal a new surface of only the healthiest, youngest skin cells as “peach fuzz” and dead cells are sloughed from skin by removing the outermost layer of the epidermis. Increases and deepens the effects of any treatments or facial procedures; includes cleansing, blading, serum and sunscreen. Recommended every 2 weeks.


want more? personalize your service with special add-ons...

  • LED therapy

    perfect for combating hormonal breakouts; blue LED light kills bacteria, while rd LED light calms irritation


  • pure collagen plumping eye masque

    hydrate skin and diminish fine lines around delicate eye area; great for mature skin.


  • luscious lip treatment –

    prevent dry lines and feathering around the lips with 3 simple steps to exfoliate skin around the lips, hydrate and plump fine lines and treat with moisturizers to leave lips soft and full.


  • lip and eye masque combo


  • cranial massage

    reduce tension, relieve headaches, nourish the scalp and condition hair for healthy hair growth.


  • finishing touch make up application

    balance skin tone and get a natural, flawless look with natural-toned shades for face, lips, cheeks and eyes leaving skin looking young and luminous.