@ the spa - hydrofacial is here!

the only hydrafacial MD device in our area…

infuses a cocktail of nutrient serums deep into the subcutaneous tissue of our skin WITHOUT any down-time! “beauty from the inside out!”

  • aging
  • acne-oily-teen/hormonal
  • rosacea
  • hyper pigmentation
  • sun damage
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • dry and dehydrated skin
  • congested and enlarged pores

we even have a topical "BABY BOTOX" for fine lines and wrinkles, LED light therapy for inflammation and bacteria, LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE to help move the toxins thru your system to release inflammation. 

- ask about our series packages for great savings on maintenance services!

  • hydrafacial (face only) skin resurfacing


  • hydrafacial treatment includes…

    active 4 / beta-hd vortex-fusion cleansing/exfoliation
    deep cleansing, while softening sebum and impurities to aid in extractions, assists in dislodging dead cells for exfoliation, provides hydration to aid in firming and smoothing fine lines and is a non-irritant. lactic/ salicylic acid with honey extract

    glysol (peel)
    this advancement in skin resurfacing technology combines the benefits of aggressive exfoliation and chemical peels into a one-step resurfacing procedure. the results combine the benefits of a peel with speed, comfort and virtually no post – peel scaling. may be used on all skin types including thin, fragile skin. targets fine lines, hyperpigmentation, oily or congested skin. dead skin cells, sebum and impurities are peeled away leaving skin smooth, even and radiant

    antiox-6 - vortex fusion nutrient serum
    providing the ultimate hydration & protection to treated skin, this antioxidant –rich solution offers a soothing and calming finish. vit. a & e, white tea extract, rosemary leaf extract, horse chestnut seed extract- antioxidants/ calming and soothing and hyaluronic acid – hydrate the skin

  • hydrafacial aging skin(face,neck & decollette)


  • includes all the hydrafacial treatments; “+”

    • lymphatic therapy
    • dermabuilder
    • led therapy
  • hydrafacial “amp’d up” (face,neck & decollette)

    includes all the hydrafacial treatments; “+”

    • dermaplaning
    • extended manual extractions w/beta hd(if needed)
    • lymphatic therapy
    • dermabuilder
    • led blue (antibacterial) led red (anti-inflammatory) 


    • upgrade options…

    • Dermabuilder

      protein peptides – relaxes the neurotransmitter to refine fine lines stimulates the fiberblasts and produces collagen and elastin a.k.a “baby botox”


    • peel


      this advancement in skin resurfacing techno;ogy combines the benefits of aggressive exfoliation and chemical peels into a one-step resurfacing procedure..  virtually no post-peel scalingl may be used in all skin types
      25% - +$35
      30% - +$45

      lymphatic drainage therapy

      improves circulation, removes toxins and promotes healing, reduces sinus congestion


    • led – light emitting diodes

      blue – anti-bacterial
      red – anti inflammatory 


    • advanced hydrafacial protocol (for maximum results!)

      series of 6 treatments specific to your skin for 9 weeks…

      • once a week for 3 weeks, then alternate weeks for 3 visits. in the 9th week the skin is in its 3rd active cycle while undergoing active treatment
      • this protocol delivers amazing results refining, nourishing, detoxifying, reducing pigmentation & encourages overall health & wellness of the skin
    • hydrafacial protocol for acne skin

      • week 1 – hydrafacial for oily w/led therapy
      • week 2 – led therapy – blue - red
      • week 3 – hydrafacial for oily w/led therapy
      • week 4 – led therapy – bluered