@ the spa

Vc signature body treatments

  • clarisonic back facial – (45 min.)

    ofrom minor to major skin dehydration or back breakouts, enjoy this relaxing back treatment with our powerful automatic brush; steaming, removal of blemishes, deep cleansing, and the application of a therapeutic mask to kill bacteria provides a deep, moisturizing treatment which will leave healthy, clear, flawless skin.


  • body scrubs

    a "must-have" before special events like weddings, black tie, or prom.  we start with gentle dry brushing to remove impurities, then add the richness of raw sugar cane from shoulders to toes, finishing with a nourishing moisturizer to increase hydration, eliminate dry skin and create the ultimate healthy glow!.


Body Wraps

  • herbal cellulite treatment (stimulating)

    target connective tissue and fat cells in fatty tissue with this energizing and toning body wrap that boosts oxygen to increase blood circulation, while it reduces signs of cellulite and increases skin elasticity. ivy tones and tightens the appearance of pores while paprika invigorates and revitalizes skin; honey provides nourishing moisture. not recommended for extremely sensitive skin.