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the beauty of self-expression

every face has its own individual beauty just waiting to be revealed. a palette of colors are applied to create the perfect finishing touch, from natural to dramatic, to emphasize the unique beauty inherent in all of us.

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  • application ( to beautify)

    enhance your natural beauty by using color to highlight or contrast the face.


  • lashes (to flirt)

    enhance your natural beauty by using color to highlight or contrast the face.


    w/ make-up application $15

  • HD air brush foundation (foundation only)

    get ready for your close-up with long-wearing, flawless foundation for photography or video.


    w/ make up application $27

  • brows (to react)

    design and tweeze.


  • make up lessons (to teach)

    learn the FUNdamentals of make up the Vc way! it’s all about how to accentuate your best assets and feel like a professional make up artist.

    lesson 1 “the blends” – create flawless skin using foundation techniques to craft your own custom blend.

    30 min. $30

    lesson 2 “office to evening eyes” – take an everyday look and make it sparkle for after hours; refresh and refine when you have limited time.

    45 min. $45

    lesson 3 “transition into color” – venture out and go for a more playful pairing with pops of color for cheeks and lips.

    30 min. $35

    lesson 4 “the artist’s portfolio” – refining your style with advanced techniques to make every woman feel like a professional make up artist.

    1 hour $80

    “the full beat” our full, hands–on Make Up program; lessons 1 - 4 in one deluxe session!

    1 hr. 45 min. $175


    semi-permanent lash extensions

    • mink lashes

      for the person who has everything and wants more….. individual lash extensions are applied using all-natural, 100% cruelty-free mink fur for the lightest, most natural, paparazzi-worthy look. add a cat’s eye effect at just the outer edges or go all out for full fringe. mink fur is hypo-allergenic. faux-mink lashes and synthetic lashes also available starting @ $252 faux/$202 synthetic.

      prices starting @ $300 (complimentary consultations available)