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  • Temporary Lashes

    strip or individual


    strip or individual


  • Semi Permanent Lash Extensions

    Lash extensions cab give you extravagant lashes for up to 6 weeks to create a full, natural look, or glamorous effect!

    • We use the best quality lashes for the most natural looking appearance
    • Lash extensions are applied by a professionally-certified esthetician
    • Each lash is individually attached to a natural eyelash – if you look up close, you can see that they actually appear to have a root
    • Lashes have a natural looking curve
    • Stat with a full set to create your perfect look. Get “refills” every 2 to 3 weeks.

    Think Mink

    for the person who has everything and wants more….. individual lash extensions are applied using all-natural, 100% cruelty-free mink fur for the lightest, most natural, paparazzi-worthy look. add a cat’s eye effect at just the outer edges or go all out for full fringe. mink fur is hypo-allergenic.

    corner set (cat eye effect) $175

    full effect $240

    very full $300

    extreme volume $325

    Faux Mink

    (synthetic lashes with the look and feel of Natural Mink)             

    corner set (cat eye effect) $150

    full effect $200

    very full $255

    extreme volume $275

    Lash Refills

    …keep your lashes lush and flirty

    M (mink)/FM (faux mink)

    7 – 14 days (just a few)  $65/$50

    14+ days (several gaps) $95/75

    21+ days (gaps galore) $115/$100

    Lash Removal $75

  • Curious? Try our Curiosity Set to see if lash extensions are right for you!
    $115 (synthetic lashes - last up to 4 weeks) Ask about Brow Extensions (like lash extensions for the brows) …call for a complimentary consultation