our story

a journey to an extraordinary destination...

  • the name

    Vc originated in 1995 when one optimistic young lady saw a greater vision and sought to elevate the industry… “to be the best!” the best place to work, to grow others, and to bring the best to our communities. today, Vc has done that, and continues to do that, in so many ways.

    from the moment you enter our salon you will encounter our commitment to excellence. Our lively atmosphere lends itself to a warm and inviting experience where creative artisans are committed to meeting your needs with an unparalleled level of quality.

    by creating a transformative, “wow” experience, and inspiring people to look and feel beautiful every day – at Vc, it’s about more than just the look; it’s an outlook. We strive to create a sense of significance, self-worth and belonging to everyone we touch.

    our mission is to create a supportive team, constantly evolving, allowing a balance for being prosperous, creatively free and spiritually whole. we accomplish this by staying true to our industry through trends, fashion, education and editorial excellence – to do things no one else would do (or everyone else says not to do).

    Vc runs with scissors!

  • the culture

    the culture Vc promotes is all about:

    • loyalty
    • authenticity
    • learning
    • believe – in ourselves and others
    • promote kindness
    • value honesty
    • engage creativity
    • have F.U.N
    • love our guests and our team

    Vc has outstanding standards. we focus on our strengths, treat others well, we care, we create, we give to others and we celebrate ourselves! we take pride in all that we do...

  • the achievements

    Vc is honored to have been named a top 200 salon in the nation, a top 10 salon in New Jersey, and ranked among the top 1% of salons in the country. the Vc Editorial Team was named the winner of the Oribe Backstage Challenge in 2011 for their inspirational photo shoot at Cuba Libre in Philadelphia, Pa. in addition, Vc stylists have ranked as finalists in the Great Lengths Challenge and participate as members of the PBA and local Chamber of Commerce.

    being inducted as a member of Intercoiffure, Vc joins the ranks of elite salons around the world. founded in 1933, Intercoiffure America/Canada is the North American beauty industry’s most prestigious professional association, with an exclusive membership of more than 300 high-level salon owners, representing more than 2,200 elite salons in the United States and Canada.

    Intercoiffure salon owners are more than just talented artists; they are also successful and respected business people. Intercoiffure demands high standards of integrity and technical expertise from its members who are innovative designers, responsible for launching new trends and techniques in hair, beauty and fashion as a whole. in addition to their creative work, members also exemplify the best in quality and professional expertise, setting the standard for salons worldwide. for Angela, being inducted into Intercoiffure has been one of her greatest honors, because she was recognized for growing others, as well as giving back to this great industry. 

  • editorial and runway

    our participation in major events like Oribe Backstage, New York fashion Week, New Jersey Fashion and Beauty Week, and in-house editorial shoots provide creative inspiration for our team. please view our gallery for images of our editorial work.

  • education

    at Vc, we believe education is integral to everything we do. whether on the technical or business front, we take inspiration from the most talented minds to refine our skills, and help us educate not only our team, but also our guests, in the latest editorial and runway techniques, trends and approaches to health, beauty and business. our partnerships with leading companies like Oribe, Wella, Aveda, Bumble, Eminence, OPI and CND Nails give us access to some of the top talents in the industry from New York to Las Vegas and points in between.

  • elevate the industry...

    vc has evolved to mean much more to us than just a place to work. we want every employee to have the ability for growth, and to feel ownership and pride in the business and our successes. we’ve even created a board of directors to provide oversight and insure that we always follow our core principles, as we expand to include new services and products.

    for our employees, it means to be part of a true profession – one driven by passion, education, and achievement. and as a profession, employees have the ability to benefit from company-sponsored health care plans, 401k, profit sharing, paid vacation time and in-house education.

    for the community, it means participate in, and support of,local bridal shows, women’s expos and charitable events, with assistance to a multitude of local community groups from sports teams, to Locks of Love, Womanspace, Meals on Wheels,z and He Cares/We Care just to name a few. 

  • atmosphere

    every time you visit our salon, we want you to experience the opportunity to reconnect with your true self. when you enter our salonspa you will experience earth, air, fire, and water to complete infinity; all the elements that keep us balanced to create significant, self-worth and a sense of belonging.

    earth - an expression of nurturing, stability, endurance and strength, the earth represents the natural cycle of birth, life, death and re-birth

    air - within the body, oxygen is the basis for all energy reactions. Air is existence without form – without air, there can be no fire. It connects the soul and the breath of life, carries away your troubles and brings wisdom and positive thoughts

    fire – possesses the power to transform the state of any substance. Within our body, fire binds the atoms together that convert food to energy; it creates the impulses to control our reactions, feelings and thought processes. an expression of strength of will and energy, fire can create new opportunity while burning away that which no longer serves us

    water - water carries away waste and hydrates cells to fight disease. healing and purifying, water cleanses our emotions to make way for new beginnings and blessings

we strive to provide a service and a sense of well-being to all of our guests. consciousness around the products you use, the foods you eat, and the surroundings in which you live are crucial because all of these things can change the way you feel – for better or worse. we believe in offering organic teas and coffees, snacks that are properly combined, organic and/or raw, and products that are organic and fair trade wherever possible.

we look forward to your next visit and invite you to drop by to experience our newest offerings, and to look upon vc as your home away from home...

zoot zoot,